Protecting the Beauty of Bar Harbor

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Just because we're looking toward the future, doesn't mean we can forget our past. Local history is important. It has shaped our present in innumerable ways. That's why preserving it is essential.

Bar Harbor Village Improvement Association is an organization that'd dedicated to protecting and maintaining Bar Harbor, ME. Our efforts are all centered around educating others about local history and making sure that our town stays beautiful for decades to come. To learn more, contact us at 207-288-0000 .

Founded by locals


Programs focused on preserving local history

There are many ways to make a difference in our local community. Our organization does everything we can to preserve the unique beauty of our area through several programs. We focus on:

  • Educating visitors and residents about our history through programs like our Museum in the Streets
  • Revitalizing local landmarks and green spaces, including a recent project building DeGregoire Park
  • Maintaining properties owned by the town, including The Shore Path and Veterans Memorial
  • Preserving our own local properties, such as Bald Rock, Glen Mary Park and How Memorial

Speak with one of our board members now to discuss our upcoming projects. We're always happy to share with residents and visitors, alike.

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